Light And Shadow (2014) Episode 24 English Subtitle Full HD.

Dramahood: Light and Shadow (2014) Episode 24 English Subtitle Full Hd.

After the end  of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the  graduates of the military academy XiaLiXin suffered a series of hatred, he fought bravely in the flood and every challange, not only in battlefield, but also in the special warfare with the areas of enemy, Has coutinuously defeated the enemy’s many major conspiracies and action for the base of the war made a unique contribution. After numerous baptism of life and death, he lead to change his own, and got ready to find their desired destinations, become a member of the 8th Route Army, he led his comrades and the brutal Japanese launched a flexible assault operations, to the enemy Resulting in a heavy blow, the success of the base areas to defend the lives and prosperity of the security. In the anti-Japanese base areas behind enemy lines, while defending the homeland, Xian Guo won the true love, they work together for a new Battle and prepaired themselves for a great victory.

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